Question 1) – What are the plugins you can use to create a contact form in WordPress?
Answer – To create a contact form in WordPress, you can use a plugin like Forminator forms or also you can use a free plugin contact form 7.

Question 2) – Why does widget not show up in the sidebar?
Answer – While using a widget, you have to ensure whether your theme supports the widget and if it does then, it must show the sidebar.  If in any case if it happens that you don’t see the sidebar, then it might be missing the “function.php” file or file similar to that.  This can also happen if you have forgotten to save the changes in the widget or to refresh the older display of the page.

Question 3) – Is there any limitation for using WordPress?
Answer – No, there is no limitation for using WordPress.  WordPress can be used for innumerable purpose membership site, e-commerce site, photo-gallery and many more.

Question 4) – How is creating a site on different from
Answer – Most of the things are similar in both except the choices of themes and the use of plugins.

Question 5) – Why is considered more secure than
Answer – is considered more secure than because they limit the themes and also does not allow installing plugins.  However, the security is more dependable on how the hosting company is hosting your website( & also what are the steps they are taking to prevent the security problems.

Question 6) – Do de-activated plugins slow down a WordPress site?
Answer – No, de-activated plugins cannot slow down the WordPress site. WordPress only loads the active plugins and ignores everything else.

Question 7) – In what case we cannot recommend WordPress to our client?
Answer – We cannot recommend WordPress in the following situation:

  • If the client is working on a non-CMS base project
  • If a site wants complex or innovative e-commerce
  • In case of enterprise intranet solution
  • Sites are requiring custom scripting solutions.

Question 8) – What are the essential features you look for a theme?
Answer – Theme selection differs according to the requirement, but an ideal theme would be something that would not restrict to use the number of pages, plugins or static homepage.

Question 9) – What is a Child Theme?
Answer – The child theme is an extension of the parent theme. If you make changes to the main/parent theme, any update will undo the changes. With a child theme, the customizations are preserved on an update.

Question 10) – How can you create a static page with WordPress?
Answer – To create a static page in WordPress, in the page section you have to upload a PHP file to the server in the theme folder, and then select that as your template.  It allows you to add any page and look that you wanted for your blog and it will remain static.