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#1 Advance Graphic Designing Course in Delhi

Are you planning to join the best graphic designing course in Delhi? Graphic Design is becoming one of the fastest growing and highly paid career choices in today’s world. The demand for graphic design has increased in sectors like advertisements, entertainment industry, gaming, etc. An official training can be of the best help for acquiring all the technical skills required for this graphic designing field. Delta Tech Services Provide Best Graphic Design institute in delhi.

In order to join in a graphic design course, you need to meet certain requirements. So before joining a graphic design course you first need to understand what graphic design course is?

A certification will never get unused so you can use it anywhere where you are applying for a job as Graphic Designer. Now let’s discuss the scope of this field like what you can do after doing a diploma course in Graphic Designer:

  • You can work in any company or MNC.
  • One can be a good trainer of Graphic Designing Courses.
  • You can start your own business of Graphic Designing.

And there are many more various options which you can choose from. The basic thing where other lacks are live projects so that’s why we provide live projects to our students so that they can get trained live while working on client’s website. This makes them trained professionally and makes them alert how they can achieve the goal whole entering in the industry.


Course Duration –6 Months
Batch Availability – Weekdays/Weekends

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Graphic Designing Course Structure

  • What is Graphic Designing?
  • Why should we use Graphics?
  • How many types of Graphics?
  • Process of Graphic Designing
  • Scope of Graphic Designing
  • Basic Selections / More Selections
  • Black & White with Color
  • Blur, Sharpen & Smudge Tools
  • Brush Tool
  • Clipping Mask
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Content Aware Fill & Move Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Dashboard Set Up
  • Deal with Scratch Disk Full Error
  • Dodge, Burn & Sponge Tools
  • Eraser Tools
  • Face Aware Liquify
  • Gradients
  • Healing Tools
  • History Panel and History Brush
  • Layer Mask
  • Layer Styles / Blending Options
  • Layers Panel
  • Make Seamless Texture in Adobe Photoshop
  • Patterns
  • Pen Tool and Path
  • Puppet / Perspective Warp
  • Raster Smart Objects
  • Stroke on Path
  • Vanishing Point Filter
  • Vector Shapes / Vector Smart Objects
  • All about Layers Panel
  • All About Strokes
  • Appearance Panel
  • Artboard Tool and Settings
  • Blend Tool
  • Color and Pattern Swatches
  • Custom Brushes
  • D in Illustrator
  • Dashboard Setup
  • Direct Selection Tool
  • Envelope Distort
  • Image Trace and Live Paint
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn Gradients
  • Learn Scale, Shear, Reshape and Free
  • Mesh Tool
  • Path Menu
  • Pen Tool
  • Pen Tool and Shape Builder
  • Perspective Grid
  • Rotate Tool + Wrist Watch Illustration
  • Selection Tool
  • Transform Panel and Transform Each
  • Transform Tools
  • Type Tool
  • Types of Masks
  • Typography
  • Adding Automatic Page Numbering in
  • Back
  • Changing Colour values and Swatches
  • Content Placer Tool Paste and Link and
  • copy commands
  • Creating a Blank Rule Using Paragraph
  • Creating Facing pages
  • Creating, Editing and Applying a
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Command
  • Editing and Selecting Text Forth and
  • Eyedropper and Picker Tool
  • How to add Indent in a Paragraph Style
  • How to Increase the Paste Board Area
  • How to use Pick Tool (Picker Tool)
  • Importing and Placing Images
  • Introduction of Indesign CC
  • its Usage
  • Making Transformation Skew using Pick
  • mands
  • Master Page
  • Master Page
  • New Document and Page Setup Settings
  • Presets, Bleeds and Slug Setups
  • Save, Save as and Save a Copy Com-
  • Style
  • tool
  • What are Open Open As and Open a
  • Working with Rulers and Zero Point
  • Zoom and Pan Tool | Tips